Fly higher

Fly higher

Fly as higher and faster as you can. Learn ways to fly without your wings. Fly like a bird. Fly like the person you would like to be seen but you have never forgotten to be you nor to fly the direction you would like to go with those people who love you, those people who spread positive energy. If another bird comes next to you is for a reason. I will advise you… not to judge the bird. Learn from that bird. By learning and making mistakes… you grow up faster than you think and you become the prettiest person even though you “don’t believe you are”. My advice, don’t try to please someone nor to imitate them. You can love them but don’t forget to love yourself, beautiful angel, you are beautiful. Be you! 

Quote: “Be the king or the queen of your path, you are the hero! Choose the path or let the path choose you. Try not to hide the way you are, Be you, you are gorgeous thanks to you!” __ Beyondjuliaswords

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