Responding your Inquiries. Part I

Hey angel,

I hope you are enjoying your day, and you are doing great. In case, you are going through a tough moment… let’s keep this in mind. Shall we? According to Dale Carnegie “Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all.” Angel, keep going. You can make it!

Anyways, today is post is about answering your questions. I apologise for not posting this before, and for not replying to you. I have been quite busy these days.

Questions & Answers

What is your blog about?

There is no specific theme as I didn’t want to limit myself in just one thing.

What is your purpose?

Inform, educate, entertain. You will be entertained. Gain knowledge from different issues. Maybe, you will discover relate to issues that spark your attention. Mainly, enjoy what I am doing because being happy always help you to keep moving which is quite good!

Why is your blog called Beyondjuliaswords?

Why not?

Who are your audiences?

In the beginning, It was for people who are age is from 18 going up but nowadays I am not sure about it. Basically, it is for those who can comprehend and are interested in these type of topics.

Can you tell me what platform are you making use of on this web site?

The platform is called WordPress.

Do you have any type of ideas for creating short articles? That’s where I constantly struggle and also I simply finish up gazing vacant display for a long period of time.

I am not an expert but I can advise you the best way I can. In the first place, take into account your main goal, and the topic you would like to talk about? ( I will write another post for this). I hope to see you again and help you more than these basic tips I have just give you.

Could you tell me what theme are you making use of on your internet site? It looks good.

In the first place, thank you for being here, and it is very nice to read your comment!! It will be a pleasure to explain to you. Right now, I am facing difficulties to find the theme. Therefore, as soon as I know this. I will let you know 🙂

Have you ever before had problems with your web host? I’m open to recommendations as my web host is terrible at the moment.

No, I didn’t face any problems for as long as I know. If you want you could share to me your web. Perhaps, I can help you a little bit better.

What did triggered you to start blogging?

I have been always a curious living creature so I wanted to know what it feels to be a blogger, so here I am.

Why have you chosen this media instead of youtube or another one?

One of the main reason is due to my photos. I have always wanted to share my photos in an exhibition ubicated in different countries around the world. Therefore, I have decided to combine my photos with my other skills. It is always good to create something coming from you rather stealing someone’s work.

Which advice will you give to a beginner who wants to start blogging?

Be patient. Everything takes time, and hard work to achieve your goals. Start Step by step, and never give up if your initial intention was to build your site.

Why do you write about several topics instead of one?

I didn’t want to limit myself. In life, you should be able to speak and do a little bit of everything for survival. It is like having a plan B in case the Plan A fail. For example, imagine that you are very good in your job, and the next day for any reason, you are fired due to a disease you were diagnosticated by your doctor. Perhaps, one of the questions that will come to your mind is what am I going to do next? Am I good at something else? Basically, it is like the person who speaks one language or more than one. Those who speak more than one or two is easier for them to find a job thanks to their languages skills. Learning and gaining knowledge of different issues can help you to facilitate your lifestyle. You will be entertained. Gain knowledge from different issues. Maybe, you will discover skills relate to subjects that spark your attention.

———————————————————— Angel, I hope you keep smiling because it is beautiful to be happy——————————————————

Quote: “Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow,” __ Albert Einstein

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