Cher. Believe—My reply to Cher

“No matter how hard I try

You keep pushing me aside and I can’t break through

There’s no talking to you

It’s so sad that you’re leaving

It takes time to believe it”

Cher, It does matter.

I am sorry for kept pushing you.

Suddenly, why is this occurring?

It may be. I have my reasons.

Everything takes time. It should not be a surprise.

“But after all is said and done

You’re gonna be the lonely one, oh

Do you believe in life after love? (after love, after love, after love)

I can feel something inside me say

I really don’t think you’re strong enough, no

Do you believe in life after love? (after love, after love, after love)”

What did I say it?

Why? How am I supposed to be?

“Yes, Definitely! And you?”

How can you say this to me? I believe,  I am strong enough to go through anything.

“Yes, Definitely! And you?”

“I can feel something inside me say

I really don’t think you’re strong enough, no

What am I supposed to do?

Sit around and wait for you – well, I can’t do that

And there’s no turning back”

Try to be more positive. It will not help you a negative mindset.

Whatever you felt like doing

I am already here. How can I help you?

Why not?

“I need time to move on

I need love to feel strong

‘Cause I’ve had time to think it through

And maybe I’m too good for you, oh


Then, move on if that make you happier

Everyone needs that. It is normal.

Perhaps, we didn’t mean to meet.

Something changed our paths

Quote: ” be enough for yourself first the rest of the world can wait.” __ FW


Motivational quotes for adopted kids/teenagers

Adoption give new opportunities and a better life

Quote 1: “Being different doesn’t mean you don’t belong to the family, you are just different. It is better if we look different than if we look the same. Your adopted family love you like if you are one of their kids. In the end, you are one of them. Keep in mind, you are beautiful just the way you are, and having the opportunity of being adopted is a privilege, not all kids had the same chances as you” __

Quote 2: “I may not carried you out for 9 motnhs but I will spend the rest of my life loving you, protecting you, and doing whatever I need to make you happy.” __ Allie

Quote 3: “We are all born originals.” __Edward Young

Quote 4: “if you were adopted, and you believed once in a while that your biological parents didn’t love you. Perhaps, your statement was not right. In can be for many diversity of reasons you have been adopted. Some adopted parents told that my parents gave me in adoption which was a gesture of love knowing they might not see their kids again. They have decided for you another path but that will not prove they have never loved you. If they didn’t love you. Maybe, you will not be adopted.”  __

Quote 5: “Just because a person chooses to express themselves in an extreme way doesn’t mean they have an extreme personality.” __ Susanne Colasanti

The artwork on the background is mine. I made it! ✊🏾😌 Ps: Follow your dreams

Quote 6: “Keep in mind this. No one is by oneself in the world.” __

Quote 7: “They may not have my eyes, they may not have my smile, but they have all my heart” __ Unknown author

Quote 8:“If someone tell you once. “You are not part of the family” Tell them. I belong to the family as much as you do” __

Quote 9:“Your lucky enough to be different, never change” __ Taylor Swift
Quote 10: “Try not to compare your skin color with your adopted family. Let’s say if you make friends. No one is friends with someone because of their race. Basically, friendship occurs because of oneself personality. This is exactly the same as your family.”__