Instagram. I am expecting my rights back :/

A couple of months ago, Instagram has denied me the rights to connect my blog with my Instagram account. Basically, I was spreading awareness of an issue which occurs worldwide. It is an issue which I am not allowed to speak up according to Instagram. Generally, It is illegally around the world but some countries in Africa. For instance, Ethiopia, Kenia, and Egypt keep practicing it with a nonmedical prescription.

Various NGO’s are doing campaigns to transmite awareness related to the topic by coming up with different stategies and solve the problem. Anyways, putting this topic aside. Does anybody know how can I get my rights back?

Quote: “Not everything is about Business. I will appreciate if Instagram brings my rights back. I understood what I have done” wrong” but I didn’t harm anybody. Your actions proved you only care about how much money it is made, and this is not about money. My post was to save other people’s lives. By the way, being selfish doesn’t help anybody.” — Beyondjuliaswords


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