Japan and Hong Kong

Hey angel,

What have you been up to? As I moved to different cities since my existence. I bet you you’re wondering why I’ve concluded this point. It has been for a little while certain people couldn’t ever tell the differences among Japan and Hong Kong. Ergo, let’s put our heads together to learn this.

I have decided to write a post of a brief introduction for each of them.


  • It is a country in East Asia
  • Flag colors: a white background, but it has a red circle in the middle.
  • Japanese’ traditional meal is Sushi.
  • The official language is Japanese with a diversity of dialects. Additionally, other spoken languages are English, German and French.
  • Tokyo is the capital city
  • The country code is +81
  • Japanese yen is the currency

While in…


  • It is a Special Administrative Region of China. Also, it is known as “one country two systems”.
  • Country code is +852
  • The official languages are Cantonese & English. Most of the international English schools teach Mandarin as an optional language instead of Cantonese. Cantonese has 9 tones in order to differentiate the meaning of words. On the other hand, Mandarin have four tones and one neutral tone.
  • Hong Kong dollar is the currency. As stated by a website called CurrencyCoverter 1 euro equivales to 8.70 HKD
  • HongKongers traditional meal is Chinese food.
Wan Chai District, Hong Kong

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