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Quote: “There are better people in the world, do not let the worst do the worst to you, you deserve the best in life.”__ Michael Bassey Johnson


Buon fine Settimana say Italians, which mean have a great weekend!

Quote: “Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.” __ Buddha

2018-9 April. Hong Kong culture

The meaning of hands’ gestures

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Back in High School time. I made one of the projects based on the ways people express their emotions through hands’ gestures. For me, It was a very interesting topic, and I have enjoyed doing research, and I come up with an idea of sharing it with you.

For me, in order to create a successful project, I have been observing the ways people express their emotions through hands. Besides the observations, I have been interrogating them to understand in depth my project. Some of the major questions were “What do you think about your hands” “would you be able to live without your hands?

Could you guess what was the most common reply to these questions?
“I won’t be able to live without my hands because I haven’t the faintest idea of the way I could express myself” It was shocking because it tells me that they will give up, and it is quite sad to think about it. Putting this aside, have you ever question to yourself “Which hands’ gestures might be offensive in some countries?”. For example, in Thailand touching other people’s heads or pointing to someone with an open hand are seen as bad manners so pay attention to it or get some knowledge before going to a country. It is always good to be aware of it.

In order to create my pieces of art, I have been influenced by different places around the world and people such as my friends and some family members. In addition, I was inspired by well-known artists like Henry Moore ( 1898-1986) who created a series of artworks called “The Artist’s Hand, 1979” when he created these artworks he was going through a rough time. He used to say “Hands can convey so much” “They can beg or refuse, take or give, be open or clenched, show content or anxiety. They can be young or old, beautiful or deformed”. When Henry created his pieces he has had a fascination for hands, he felt that he could express himself. Me ( Julia ) as an artist of this project I am not considered a person who has a fascination for hands but I like to see the way people express their emotions. I believe that people’s hands play an important role in our daily lifestyle. For instance, humans’ hands help us to manipulate things, communicate emotions verbally and through our body language. Some of the common actions some people do are biting their nails, this might show they are nervous or stress. Perhaps, this action is transformed into a new habit for them. Sometimes, it becomes a struggle to stop doing it.

One of my artwork was a photo of a couple which resemblance love. The fact that one of them wear a ring is already indicating to my audiences they married. I believe that love can be expressed in many varieties of ways. It can be transmitted through a relationship with your partner ( girlfriend/boyfriend ), friendship, love between a mother towards his child or vice versa. Basically, to any family member. Including material things like tattoos.

Quote:” It is in your hands to create a better world for all who live in it.”

Handwriting.Y.O.U.R personality.

According to scientific researchers have shown a lot of people’s personalities traits through their calligraphy. There are a variety of styles depending on the person. We are distinctive so it is normal that this occurs. 

Sometimes, people tend to say that someone’s handwriting does not matters. Actually, it does matters. Depending on your writing form… it tells briefly your type of personality. 

Quote:  “Character is revealed by what a person says and what a person does” __ from the novel The Magician Nephew