Como conocía a Iñaki Alegria

Conocí a Iñaki en una fiesta de los etíopes. También, conocido como Somhabesha. Som mean we in catalan and Habesha mean Ethiopians in Amharic which is the official language of Abyssinia.
Desde que conocí a Iñaki pensé que esto, esto de dar sería una de mis oportunidades más privilegiadas que la vida me podría ofrecer. De este modo, podríamos encontrar distintas soluciones para ayudar, para dar un ¨trozo de nosotros.¨ Bueno, yo no daré un trozo, le daría una parte mía o toda.


New opportunities

Thank you Iñaki for keeping giving new opportunities.

New lives to other people.

More happiness to the parents of this child.

Thank you Iñaki for made me smile.

For sharing, for bringing hope to the parents of this child.

Thank you! Merci Beaucoup! Moltes gràcies! Muchas gracias por hacer lo imposible posible! Porque todos nos merecemos ser felices seamos quienes seamos. No importa nuestra color de piel. Mientras que ayudemos pero sobre todo aprende ayudarte a ti mismo para poder ayudar a los demás. Eh! You can make it! Let’s do it! Shall we?

I could be the parents of this child, and my response to you is Thank you so much for safe the life of my child. We will be always grateful for your help. Thank you! You made a fantastic job! Yes, Iñaki

Thank you for letting this kid walk forward.

Thank you for letting this kid smile.

To live. To be happy.

He deserves happiness as everyone does.

This child could be my younger brother.

This child could be my son.

This child could be my student.

This child could be my father.

This child could be my friend.

This child could be more than anybody can.

Thank you, little child, for keep growing.

I hope you have enough resources to keep living.

To keep playing.

To keep being you because you deserve happiness like everybody needs. I hope you keep smiling to the world if you do. I hope… I hope you can go through this cuz you are so beautiful. You have a lot of energy, a lot of energy to bring to the world. You deserve this and more.

Keep living. Keep playing. Beautiful living creature 💛 Baby boy ✊🏾👏🏾


Let’s talk about Iñaki Alegria. Who is him?

Iñaki Alegria is a pediatrician. Moreover, Iñaki is the founder of an NGO called Alegría sin Fronteras which in English means Alegria without Borders. The NGO focuses on projects for the welfare of Senegal and Ethiopia with the aim of improving the quality of life of those people who are less fortunate.

Nowadays, Alegria has a hospital called Gambo Hospital in which is ubicated in Ethiopia.

Also, he has published a book called Alegría con Gambo (The Ethiopian look that fueled my life). The money that Alegria obtained from the book was to donate to his hospital in order to help people in needs.

Iñaki Alegría. Ethiopia

These are some of the projects by Inaki Alegria: Keep in mind that all the articles are written in Spanish so if you don’t speak this language. You can choose a tractor or ask one of your friends to translate it 😉

  • The smile that has given me life (Gives life with a happy smile 2018)
  • “We invite you to listen and share the solidary song that we have composed with # PauDonés Leader of Jarabe de Palo to support and publicize the projects in Ethiopia with the NGO Alegría Sin Fronteras. Song: “From Equal to Equal” ”    ___ Iñaki Alegria

Quote: “When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed.”  __Maya Angelou

My next post will be a biography of Iñaki Alegria

Quote 1: “Peace is the fruit of love, a love that is also justice. But to grow in love requires work — hard work. And it can bring pain because it implies loss — loss of the certitudes, comforts, and hurts that shelter and define us. “__Jean Vanier