The benefits of growing plants

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Lastly, I have been quite concern related the living conditions for humans and animals. Therefore, I have decided to write a post related to the benefits of growing plants.

Growing plants anywhere on this planet make greater improvements in individuals’ lives in many aspects. Some of these aspects are breathing healthier air and obtaining resources for our existence.

During the process of photosynthesis, plants release oxygen to the environment and take in the carbon dioxide also known as CO2. Carbon dioxide is produced in diverse ways.

According to American scientists, 200 millions of tons of CO2 are produced yearly caused by volcano eruptions and humans’ activities. As to illustrate, deforestation, burning fossil fuels leads to serious health issues for people. Therefore, sooner actions should be taken into account.

Growing plants make a huge impact on the Earth. It is highly recommended to have more plants in outdoor places.

Plants help our planet
  • In the second photo, It is a great strategy to make a plant grow. If you ever decided to pull up a flowering branch for whatever the reason may be. You can use an empty chickpeas bottle by filling it with three cl of water. Afterward, add two or three makeup cotton rounds and the flower branch. Then, wait between one or two months. Supposedly, the roots should have grown up. Perhaps, a small flower like on this photo.
Plants love you as much as you love them!

Quote: “My soul speaks in flowers.”__ Unknown author

Take care of your environment. Breathe healthier

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Breathe healthier air mean taking care of your environment and your health. It’s all depends on your decesion and the way you would like to live in. So, let’s talk about different activities to take care of your environment.

1. Avoid using plastic water bottle.

2. Have different recycling bin. For example, a bin just for paper.

Cotton On. Clothing bags instead or plastic bags ✊🏾👏🏾

3. Use more public transportation than individual cars. A car exhaust pipe contaminate a lot more than you believe.

4. Replace plastic straws by paper or metal straws.

5. Minimize water consumption.

6. Save electricity.

7. Hey angel, what else do you think?

Cotton On bag

Quote: “Nothing is impossible for believers.”__ Unknown author