Spanish poetry books

Book 1: “Veinte poemas de amor y una canción desesperada” by Pablo Neruda

Book 2: “La destrucción o el amor.” by Vicente Aleixandre

Book 3: “Poemas” by Jose Antonio Corrales Romeo

Book 4: “El otro” by Antonio Almeda

Book 5: “Noche cerrada” by Vicente Aleixandre

Book 6: “Mi voz sobre tus párpados” by Joaquín Buxó Montesinos

Book 7: “Cántico” by Jorge Guillén

Book 8: “Después del huracán” by Sara Leo

Three words and eight letters

I love you.

I love you.

Three words.

One exclamation.

One meaning.


You are brilliant.

You are creative.

You are independent.

You work very hard.

You are an adventurous human being.

You are responsible.




pretty and wise.


It is interesting the way you think.

The way you see things are different.


The difference attracts me and hypnotized me.

Convert my eyes in hearts.

I melted.

I am melting…


I love you,

to my precious wife.

I adore you. 


Your beautiful husband.


Quote: “Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.”__Aristotle

“Tsehay has been reborn.”- El último Cooperante ( Por un mundo de igual a igual, Iñaki Alegria Coll.)

“Tsahay ha vuelto a nacer. — Has resucitado a Tsahay– me dice la madre–, estaba muerta y a vuelto a nacer.” – El último Cooperante ( Por un mundo de igual a igual, Iñaki Alegria Coll.)


Has vuelto a nacer dijo tu madre,

Con tanta ilusión.

Esperabamos que te dieras otra oportunidad a ti misma porque te mereces vivir. Tienes que volver a jugar como los otros niños.

Tenias que volver a sonreir al sol, a la luna, y al mundo entero.

Te espera una vida de aventuras por seguir, descubrir cada pequeño placer de la vida aunque a veces sea injusta.

Te quería dar las gracias por no dejar caer lágrimas de tristeza a tu madre.

Las dos sois protagonistas de vuestros cuentos, lo habéis logrado

Ahora hay un reto superada,

Ya podéis respirar de nuevo


estar menos preocupadas por hoy.

Guardar otras preocupaciones para mañana

Pero hoy no, hoy toca descansar y sonreir.

It’s a great book!
NGO: Alegria Sin Fronteras
( Iñaki Alegria Coll )
Instagram: inaki_alegria

Barcelona has so much light

To much light was coming out from the left side
It was brilliantly golden
I was pondering just for a couple of minutes.
If Barcelona was trying to proliferate me any one thing painstaking.
My unconscious thoughts were not attentive

Again, I asked myself,

What was that?

Was that tiny energy transformed into something hefty?


something glorious might appear.
It is difficult to exactly explain it,
to really see the magic behind every chapter,
every word is written,

Quote: “… If we don’t tell strange stories, when something strange happens we won’t believe it.” __Shannon Hale

A petite description which tells a mini story.

At least two or three scrawls should stay there,

to have a few lines to start a petite description.
A petite description which tells a mini story.
Let’s try just a little bit.

Quote: “Some of these things are true and some of them lies. But they are all good stories.” __Hilary Mantel

It is “love”. It is friendship. It is not friendship. It is “love.”

What do you see?

I see what you don’t see in yourself.

Quote: ““Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength while loving someone deeply gives you courage.” “There is always some madness in love. But there is also always some reason in madness.” “The greatest happiness of life is the conviction that we are loved; loved for ourselves, or rather, loved in spite of ourselves.” __ Friedrich nietzsche

+ or–?

Sometimes, it’s humans’ friends.

Sometimes, isn’t humans’ friends.

Some people see it as something positive

while others might see it as anger, blood, and war.

Sometimes, it could resemblance strength, passion or desire.

Generally, people like it for the sake of spreading the love.

Some people see it as something negative

while others might see it as courage, joy, and power.

Sometimes, it’s humans’ friends.

Sometimes, isn’t humans’ friends.

Some people see it as something positive

while others might see it as violence, danger, and seduction.

Sometimes, it could resemblance vigor, sensitivity, and joy.

Generally, people like it as a result of spreading energy.

Some people see it as something negative

while others might see it as an adventure, good luck, and happiness.

You are a good friend. I can eat ice cream thanks to you.

Good morning Summer,

I have been missing you for ages.

I have been waiting for you for a very long time.

I was wondering Where were you?

I guess you went to visit other people, those people who missed you too.

You are a good friend. I can eat ice cream thanks to you.

I missed the warm temperature,

I missed the swimming pool.

I missed drinking soft drinks with ices

I missed you.

Summer! Please, this time stay longer.

I love you

I love you.

Three words. One exclamation. One meaning. I LOVE YOU!

You are brilliant. You are creative. You are independent. You are studious. You are adventurous.

You are responsible. You are successful.

You are pretty, believe it! You are a wise person, I like it. It is interesting the way you think.

The way you see things are different. I like that, the difference attracts me, hypnotized me.

Convert my eyes into hearts.

I am melting.

I like you.

I love you, my precious wife.

I adore you.


Your beautiful husband. Joan


A random story

Again, an icy dawn on this distant planet, a desolately cold and uninhabited planet. There is no form of life, no trees, no animals, no people, only immense footprints covered by ice and that hides in each of us a desperately longed for desire and that perhaps illuminates our hope of finding a source of survival. Winding mounds such as we have never seen in our existence and sculpted mountains that evoke our imagination to the idea that perhaps one day there was life here as well. There was an intense and painful cold, every breath seems to get stuck in our lungs with such as an intensity that we thought we will die, it hurt us until our own breath. Only one thought keeps us on track, there is no turning back, our lives depend on this planet, on this dilated but beautiful and nearby moon that threatens the great white man sculpted in the mountain, but that sends us enough energy to continue. The moon was as bright as a million fireflies around us. We have been walking for two months in the middle of nowhere, in absolute silence, it envelops everything.

At first, the silence was sweet, intoxicating, almost hypnotizing. Today after sixty days the silence has become black and full of despair, our efforts are not bearing fruit, just seeing that mountain in the form of man controlling an inhuman being illuminates our day with a perhaps….this mountain is extremely different from the others, there was not only a human figure but it was in motion, in a gesture to control a terrifying being. The human being with angry and pleasant expression at the same time had perhaps achieved his goal. The crystal floor under our tired feet reflects our bodies covered by the special suits thanks to which we manage to survive in these extreme conditions, but these crystalline floors also reflect our smaller backpacks showing us that every day is more critical to all of us. We all come from the earth, from different parts of the world on that wonderful planet, now this planet is destroyed by the sun.

November 5, 2013

We have traveled in a ship prepared to preserve a small group of humans from that destruction and start from scratch on another planet. We have been traveling for a year now, we have been using our resources in the best way possible, however, our body mass has been reduced by thirty-five percent. We had begun to rationalize our food by trying to help us to resist until we found the right place to build our base. This planet is ours, it’s our last choice. The components of the settlement are nineteen people. There are a variety of ethnicities such as white, Asian, and African. There are unmarried people and young people who tried to survive in this isolated place after the catastrophe of the planet Earth.

Quote: “Sometimes reality is too complex. Stories give it form.” __ Jean Luc Godard

“He estado pensando QUE mi pijama es blanco Y No he dormido”

I wrote until three in the morning, a Wednesday. a casual Wednesday but entertaining I felt so virtuous, so vigorous, now I don’t have enough words to describe it.

Throughout the time, I scribbled I was thinking that my pajamas is white. White as a snowdrift ; cold, soft and smooth. When I looked at the clock that was right next to my lamp made of salt, it was too late. I realized that I have not slept. How is it possible that the time passed so fast? How is it possible that so little time had been transformed into hours? It should not surprise me. When we enjoy doing something… time is flying past.

Seldom, we would like to see those moments will become years but you have to know how to divide the tasks, knowing ways to change and enjoy different activities during the day.

You have to know and want to learn new skills. If we are always on the same page, we will never have the pleasure of savoring new smells. There is always time for everything but you have to know how to choose and set-up your time.

Three words; choose, decide, and learn.

Quote: “There comes a time when the world gets quiet and the only thing left is your own heart. So you’d better learn the sound of it. Otherwise you’ll never understand what it’s saying.” ― Sarah Dessen, Just Listen

Ja, klar. Ich spreche deutsch.

El dia que aprendi a escribirte fue justo hace un año.

Solo sabía escribir unas pocas frases, bastante pobres la verdad.

Eran palabras simples, no resaltan como en mis gestos de cada dia.

Solo habian unas palabras juntas que intentaban decir algo pero no más allá de lo que estaba escrito. Solo sabia decirte Ja, klar. Ich spreche deutsch” Ich bin ein Anfänger. Er kann nicht viel sagen. Ich spreche nur leicht lo cual en la lengua castellana se traduce como.

Si claro. Yo hablo alemán. Soy principiante. No puede decir mucho. Solo hablo de manera fácil.

No puede ser más transparente que el agua. Estas eran las frases.

Quote:  “Si no lo puedes explicar con simplicidad, es que no lo entiendes bien” __ Albert Einstein

Sincerely, a friend to remember.

I loved you.
You had become my closest friend.
You understood me
We made ourselves company.
Other professions came and took us apart .
Also, there were people who whispered in my ear to be more than intimate friends.

I thought we stayed together until we grew old together.
We had such a good time together.
We disconnect from reality.

We laughed together while we drank our cup of chocolate.
It was a spectacular memory
An unforgettable phase.
We disconnected and we walked in the hidden streets, in those streets that few people go.
Which had become our favorite spots.
You always end up drawing me a smile on my face that I will never forget.
I have abandoned you without listening to you.
Without wanting to get to know you in depth.
Without explanation.

We did not have time to say goodbye.
I did not give you any chance.
I said goodbye without looking at you and the truth is that sometimes I would call you again.
I can not change anything but I can improve my future actions.
I hope we’re still friends, maybe not so intimate but friends,
I hope we continue to fall well.

You seemed my soul.
You looked like me.

You are my great reflection and at the same time my greatest treasure.
We used to go out in search of new treasures, in those lost streets.
We were fascinated by the idea of ​​capturing the moment.
Freeze the moment.

Everything instantly.

Like a shooting star.

When I had my gray days, you always had the remedy to see me smile.
You had always an answer to my questions and to my gray pages.

I will be forever grateful.

Analog camera


A friend to remember.